Current laws* in most northeast states, along with proposed new laws and policies present real threats to the heating oil industry. Lawmakers, top elected officials, and environmental advocates are advocating widespread electrification* of homes using heating oil to reduce fossil fuel use and ease climate change. This is as profound for our customers as it is for our industry. Clean, renewable Bioheat® fuel is the solution to our survival*. The time is now for the heating oil industry to unite behind this fuel and build a future with more potential than ever.

Solidarity is strength. Join us for virtual sessions to discuss the very real threats to our industry and how Bioheat® fuel is the actionable solution to the industry's continued existence.

*Source: The National Biodiesel Board

Free Virtual Bioheat® Fuel Sessions

Thanks to all who participated in our first virtual Bioheat® fuel sessions. If you missed it, you can view recordings of each session below.

More virtual sessions are being held for New York oil dealers in 2021.
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Biodiesel & Bioheat® Operational Performance

This session will take you inside your customers home and will address the operational performance of Bioheat® blends at various percentages in existing, legacy equipment. Topics to be covered include cold flow properties of biodiesel, system adjustments, filters and nozzles, storage tanks and fuel additives.

Bioheat® Industry Visionaries

Hear directly from fellow retailer marketers who have been successfully buying and selling Bioheat® to their customers at blends as high as B40. These marketers will address all aspects of the business from procuring the fuel, marketing it to customers and getting their employees to be emissaries for renewable liquid fuels.

Marketing Bioheat®

The clean, renewable Bioheat® story is a powerful one. Learn the key marketing and communications messages that will resonate with your customers and benefit your company at every level. And learn about the vast array of marketing materials that have been developed and are currently available to your company.

The Challenge of Electrification and the Bioheat® Solution

Lawmakers and policy makers in key states in the northeast including Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island are doing everything in their power to electrify homes and businesses using heating oil. Learn more about the true costs of electrification and how you should position Bioheat® as the best energy solution for your customers.


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Learn More about Our Mission

Use these resources to learn more about the One Industry – One Choice campaign and get more information about biodiesel and Bioheat® fuel.