One Industry One Choice

Our Mission

One Industry – One Choice is committed to securing a stable future for the heating oil industry. Our campaign is dedicated to educating heating oil retailers on the benefits of Bioheat® blends and biodiesel and providing support to retailers transitioning to provide Bioheat® to their customers.

One Industry – One Choice has two main objectives:

Firstly, to educate more retail heating oil companies in four key Northeast states about the importance of embracing clean, renewable, low-carbon liquid Bioheat® blends in their fuel. The heating oil industry is at a crucial point in time as lawmakers and policy makers push for the extinction of fossil fuels in favor of widespread electrification. Bioheat® is vital for the industry’s long-term survival.

Secondly, we are focused on reaching consumers. The objective is to make heating oil customers more aware of the value of clean, renewable Bioheat® and how it is a turnkey fuel that is readily available, will help lower carbon emissions, and requires no modifications to heating systems. In the campaign, customers are reassured that they will still be getting the exceptional value and service they have always received from their local heating oil retailer.

Free Virtual Bioheat® Sessions

Solidarity is strength. Join us for virtual sessions to discuss the very real threats to our industry and how Bioheat® is the actionable solution to the industry’s continued existence.

Who We Are

One Industry – One Choice is a collaborative effort between the Energy Marketers Association of Rhode Island, the Empire State Energy Association, the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association, the Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association, and the New York State Energy Coalition. Special thanks to our campaign funding partners, the National Oilheat Research Alliance and the National Biodiesel Board—and our creative team at Consumer Focus Marketing.

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