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Opportunities for the Heating Fuel Industry

Do your customers know how hard our industry is working to provide a safe, renewable energy solution? Bioheat® fuel provides many unique opportunities for heating fuel companies to meet goals for a sustainable future, maintain longevity for their businesses, and retain customers seeking viable clean energy alternatives.

Opportunities to Grow with Bioheat® Fuel

  • The heating oil industry does have a plan. In accordance with the Providence Resolution of 2019, the industry has pledged to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 through accelerated use of higher blends of Bioheat® fuel.
  • Widespread use of Bioheat® fuel by heating oil customers demonstrates the industry’s commitment to be a partner in climate change activities.
  • Bioheat® fuel allows retailers significant marketing opportunities to rebrand their companies by offering a clean, renewable fuel that signifies environmental stewardship.
  • Bioheat® fuel provides heating oil retailers and their customer service and sales representatives a strong environmental and efficiency message to support customer retention.
  • Bioheat® fuel will keep retailers in business for years to come and can even expand their existing customer base.

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